PIFster: The Founders' Vision

PIFster: You Can Trust Us

PIFster is a 501(c)(3) public charity, which empowers users to Pay It Forward for as little as $1 dollar per month. Additionally, users can then suggest charitable causes that are important to them and their community. Each month, the community will then vote on the causes, and the cause with the most votes receives the communal donation.

We understand people are cynical, given the world we live in, so transparency is paramount to us. So we are proud to announce we are the recipient of a Silver Badge of Transparency from Candid, a highly regarded arbiter of charitable causes, used by Apple and other top firms to verify their own charitable giving.

So you can rest assured your donation goes EXACTLY where we say it will, and we will NEVER sell or give away your personal information.

EIN: 92-1821142

Available now for IOS and Android on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

PIFster: An Overview

We all want to help feed abandoned animals. We all want to care for the elderly. And we all want to help clean up disadvantaged communities. Most of us don’t know how, or don’t have the means to make an impact.

Now there’s PIFster.

By donating as little as $1 dollar per month, you can suggest and vote on causes that are important to you and your community. If everybody donated just one dollar, less than a cup of coffee, we’d have enough funds to address issues that are just not getting resolved.

In Los Angeles alone, there are over 10 million people; if just HALF of them donated one dollar, that would be 5 million dollars per month. Just think of all the good we could do!

That’s what we call: Paying It Forward.

Build Your Community

One dollar is not a lot, but when you combine it with your mother’s dollar, your father’s dollar, and your friends’ dollars, it adds up quickly. When you become a PIFster, you will get a referral code, which you can find in your profile; use that code to invite your friends and family and build your community.

You can message your community to advocate and rally for the causes that are important to you. This where PIFster absolutely shines. You and your community, anywhere in America, can suggest those causes that are important to your community.

The charitable causes that receive the most suggestions, after vetting, will make the list for next month’s vote. Then, with your friends, family and community, you can pay it forward to your cause.


After a thorough vetting, the causes suggested the most by the community will be presented the following month for vote. PIFsters can vote on their preferred charity. PIFster's can increase their votes by donating an additional $25 or more directly to the charity thru the app. This encourages community interaction during the month of voting, and directly benefits the charities. Even if they don’t “win” the vote, they still receive these direct donations.

Another way to increase your vote is to become PIFster Of The Month. The PIFster who gets the most referrals to join, becomes PIFster Of The Month, and their vote and the votes of their entire community, are doubled for the month.

The App

PIFster was lovingly designed to be both FUN and FUNCTIONAL. It’s 100% free to join and participate. The only thing we’ll ever require of you is a small donation in order to VOTE. Outside of that, the app’s functionality is unlimited. There’s no reason not to get involved today!

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Because the world is the way the world is, Stripe and Apple Pay are going to get theirs. Even as a 501(c)(3), Stripe charges us .30 per transaction and 2.9%. Please make your donation go further by paying the transaction fee.

The total monthly donations, minus the transaction fees, will always be on the front page of the PIFster app. Transparency is built into the app; you will always know exactly how much is being donated. We will NEVER donate the PIFster funds without a clearly defined earmark.

Every single month a video will be made showing your money in action, and it will be on the app for your viewing.

PIFster is run by a husband and wife team with no executive salaries. 90% of the funds collected go to the chosen cause. 10% will be used to maintain the PIFster app and create the videos for transparency.

We are a designated 501(c)(3) Public Charity, and you will receive a receipt for your tax deductible donations. Your donation history is available in the menu on the PIFster app. And we are a Silver Badge transparency recipient by Guidestar / Candid, so you can trust us.

And, oh by the way, we will NEVER sell your personal information to anybody.

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